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Our Story

Joe Richardson, MEE Founder and School Composting Facilitator, worked with Urbana High School in 2018 to implement a pilot program for waste sorting and composting. During Fall 2019, Lunch out of Landfills was rolled out in 13 Frederick County schools where up to 80% of lunch waste was consistently diverted from landfills during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Through his service with the Frederick County What’s Next initiative, the Composting Working Group, and the Southern Frederick Rotary Club, Joe mobilized funders, Rotary volunteers, school officials, Key City Compost, and most importantly students to take action. 

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Our Partners

Lunch Out of Landfills' success is due to the collaborative efforts of school districts, organizations, and companies committed to reducing food waste by engaging school-aged students through in-school composting efforts. Current partners include:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)

  • Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS)

  • Rotary International

  • Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE)

  • Key City Compost

  • Compost Crew

  • Compostology

  • NexTrex

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