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Environmental Education

Mountainside Education and Enrichment works with K-12 schools in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, as well as other locations in the Metropolitan Washington and Baltimore region. MEE’s variety of educational and enriching programs includes hands-on exploratory learning and collaboration. In-class and on-site programs are offered. With each program, MEE provides the educators, lesson materials, and experiential learning opportunities.

Our Programs

 All of MEE's programming is aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Programs can also be tailored to align with county standards. If you are interested in a program that is not aligned to your students' grade, please reach out to us. We are happy to modify our programming to deliver a valuable experience for your class!

Away We Grow

In this two-part lesson, students learn about the life cycle of a plant and what all living things need to survive. Caring for seedlings gives students the opportunity to conduct an experiment in real time. A trip to the Mountainside campus rounds this lesson out with a nature hike and tour of the farm!

Away We Grow Flyer

The Buzz about Pollinators

Explore Mountainside's meadows while learning about the importance of all our pollinators. Students will discover a whole new world while taking on the role of pollinators to see what all the buzz is about!


CSI: Creek Scene Investigators

Does the health of Bennett Creek that runs through Mountainside's property affect the Chesapeake Bay? In this lesson, students will take on the role of citizen scientists to collect data and determine the health of Bennett Creek.


May the Force be with You

Students take to the skies and become a real-life science experiment in May the Force be with You! Using the Giant Swing as a model pendulum, students will learn about simple machines and the basics of energy, force, and motion.

Swing-geting pulled up_edited.jpg

Power It Up

Power It Up gives students the opportunity to take on the role of citizen scientist and engineer. After learning about wind power, students will construct and test model wind turbines in an effort to determine the most efficient design.


Watts Up

Watts Up takes students through several demonstrations where they participate in hands-on learning about electricity, energy and its renewable resources.

Joe with Dam Demo _edited.jpg

WCWD: What Can a Wetland Do?

Grab your boots as we head out into Mountainside's recently restored wetlands! Students will be immersed in an example of real world engineering solutions and learn about the important role wetlands play in the ecosystem and our lives.

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